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Mauritian Diaspora in UK celebrates Golden Jubilee of our Independence

Golden Jubilee Celebration 50th Independence Day of Mauritius

and Mauritian Achiever’s Award (UK) 2018


The 50th Independence Day of Mauritius was held jointly with the Mauritian Achiever’s Award (UK) ceremony at the Radisson Edwardian Hotel, Heathrow, London, on Saturday 17 March 2018.



Kresh Ramanah, Sunil Mungur, Sashi Sohodeb, Miss England Stephanie Hill


The organisers Gyanchand Sunil Mungur FCCA, Chairman of SPELmedia UK, also Chairman of the Mauritius Hindu Association (UK), and Dr Lock (Sashi) Sohodeb, recipient of several international awards for music and literature, spared no detail to make this occasion a complete success in spite of the glaring absence of the Mauritius High Commission for London or his deputy.


It was an extremely well-organised, sumptuous and lavish evening with distinguished awardees and guests, with excellent food and refreshments. The occasion was animated by Tony Patti, professional DJ on Lyca Radio. The event sponsored by Gynch Shaw Maurice & CO,  was also a charity event supporting Eastern Welfare Association for the Disabled and SOS Children’s Village Mauritius, was well  attended by distinguished personalities, such as Miss England Stephanie Hill, Mr England Jack Eyers, actor Nitin Ganatra who plays the part of Masood Ahmed in the ever so popular soap opera EastEnders.


Sunil Mungur and Sashi Sohodeb are the architects of excellent community work. Their love and affection for such work and their devotion, not only in bringing the UK Mauritian community together but also in obtaining recognition for Mauritians and Mauritius, are commendable. Sunil’s opening speech was all about the Golden Jubilee celebration of Mauritius (since 12 March 1968), an event which every Mauritian in the UK, and at home is extremely proud of. Sunil emphasised: « The work is done to help keep the Mauritian multi-cultural community in the UK together. The aim behind Mauritian Achiever’s Awards (UK) is not only to award outstanding personalities within the Mauritian community for their positive contributions to the British society and Mauritius in the fields of Arts, Culture, Entertainment, Social work, and Business, but also to take the concept of Nation Building forward.»


Hence, it follows that in a post-independence nation-building exercise, this Mauritian diversity regarding ethnicity, culture, religion, language, emanating from Europe, Africa, the Indian sub-continent and other parts of Asia, is officially recognised in what is often referred to as a « rainbow nation », which is Mauritius. Mauritius can also serve as an example of respect to one another and harmony to the world.


Dr Sashi Sohodeb added:  « We are proud of what the Mauritian communities have achieved in Britain. The Mauritian Achiever’s Awards ceremony is just an excuse to say a big thank to all those shining stars. »


Some of the awardees are:


Professional Category

Bushan Deepchand of Lambeth Solicitors for supporting the Mauritian community with his legal skill.

Jean M. Maigrot, investment leader at Newsmith Capital Partners LLP, and advisor to the Government of Mauritius.

Kresh Ramanah, an NMC Registered Lecturer Practitioner with 40 years’ experience in Health & Social Care and with several other awards to his name.

Rajen Tyeloo for his outstanding services in hairdressing and creating employments.

Michael Naik of Michael Naik & Co for serving the community with his property management skill.


Health & Care Services

Michel Law Hing Choy, owner of Broome Park Nursing Home in Surrey Hills.

Mr Dev Anand and Mrs Amitah Tirbhowan of Sunrise Care Homes Limited.

Kevin Gunputh of Bournemouth.

Mr. & Mrs Ruben Pavaday of Beechwood House for caring for sufferers of Alzheimer, Parkinson's disease, etc.

Deven Ramkhelawon for his outstanding achievement in setting up the first Clozapine clinic in the country.


Social & Cultural

Mr Coosialsingh Gopaul, an active member of Ram Mandir in Southall.

Parama Sivom Sunassee of Goodmayes Sri Sivashakti Temple

Mr Cader Hossenally, CSK, for his dedication to children in need and for taking several projects relating to the Anglo Mauritian Disability Link.

Guruduth Seegoolam for his contribution to social cohesion in health care and as a Chairman of Mauritian Hindu Cultural Association in Middx.

Kreshna Essoo of the Mauritian Marathi association for his dedication to charity and providing his residence as a place of worship for hundreds of people.


Artist entertainment

Pritee Hurnam, for her singing talent and a participant on Britain, Got Talent show.

Charles Maurice, resident DJ for MTV's live show "Base Lounge", whose talents have taken him to several countries from Germany to Morocco.

Asvin Sookha, DJ for his diverse mix of sounds to bring the Mauritian community together.

Miss Priya Hema Bhawaneedin for her artistic talent and charity work.

Ivan Antalika for his Sega repertoires.

Vikram Sewraj, DJ Eagle, for his outstanding mix of sound.

DJ Suryadev (Max) Dussoye for supporting the Mauritian community with his music.

Jacques Roussel for promoting Mauritian music across the world.

Pratima Bhinda and Sarasse Veda Nellan for promoting Indian/Mauritian music in the UK.


Media & General

Peter Chellen, for pioneering the London-based Mauritius News first published in November 1983.

Tariq Rawat, for promoting Mauritian news through newspaper ‘Mauritiusnow.’

M Rafic Soormally who arrived in the UK in 1972, pursued his studies in Business Studies, Accounts, Marketing & Market Research, Economics, Finance and Law. He worked for the London Underground Ltd in Accounts and for Currimjee Limited (1990-1998) in Mauritius as Operations Analyst & Accountant. His immense contribution as a freelance writer in the UK-based Mauritian Abroad magazine as well as in numerous newspapers in Mauritius for over 18 years was recognised and thanked for at the event.

Mr D. Mukoond, Rocky, for his contributions in social and entertainment activities.

Anwar Kureembokus Director of Travelserve ltd (UK) and Travelserve (MRU) for his immense contributions in transportation and accommodation services to Airlines and corporate industries.

Raj Gunputh and his wife, Asha, for their social and economic contributions as hotelier; estate management and health and care services in Britain and Mauritius.

Karan Persand, ex-Conservative Councillor for Epsom for his contribution to the British/Mauritian at large.


Special Award

Posthumous award - Late Mr Navinlall Ramrutton who was the winner of « 2014 Best New Business in the North East Essex »

Mala Dosieah was awarded a Life Time Achievement Award for her dedication as a foster carer for the past 15 years.

Air Mauritius (London) was given a special award for their outstanding services to the British and Mauritian community in Britain.



The evening was highlighted with several other prestigious International awards. Sunil Mungur and Dr Lock (Sashi) Sohodeb were both awarded ‘International Personality Award’ by Bihariconnect UK/India whose Chairman, Dr Udeshwar Kumar Singh, along with his team had specially flown in from India for the occasion. Sunil Mungur was gobsmacked with another surprise presentation of his biography written by Dr Sohodeb entitled: « The biography of a dedicated of Sunil Mungur - Life of a dedicated philanthropist. »


Dr Sohodeb was also taken by surprise when a memento was presented to him for his challenging work leading to PhD.


While it was a night to remember, to many, it was just surreal.


M Rafic Soormally

Dr Lock (Sashi) Sohodeb